What is Sic Bo game ?

The LKO888kh website is packed with all kinds of games, both casual and live, including dice games.
How to Play: In this game, there are 3 dice and each has a number ranging from one to six (1-6) if the correct amount is
 returned from 1 up to the original value. 180 times as a result of this dice game, there are several types:
– The result is based on the sum of the three dice
– The result is from the sum of the three dice combined * For example the ball is 1-2-3 so the result is 6

What is Baccarat game ?

In Lko888kh there is a Baccarat game and the game is very similar to the poker we and you just have to rename and feature this game and some pact rules for international convenience and recognition. There are two types of Baccarat on the LKO888kh website. Find out a little about Baccarat games
– Baccarat Player can choose two main betting positions: Banker and Player.
– You also have the right to capitalize on the Tie game.
– The bet capital is over $ 1
Baccarat also allows for betting on either Pair or Banker Pair or Player Pair.

Deposit and Withdraw Service

–Deposit and withdraw service at all banks
– Promptly withdraw cash
– Full service 24 hours
– Provide security, stability and confidentiality
– All transactions do not exceed 5 minutes

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